When your course is ready to roll, you promote it. The best place to do that? Social media. And the best content for social media? Videos. 

  Videos make people pause in their scrolling. Everyone’s online these days, and a huge chunk of them consume videos. Just look at the success of TikTok. It’s no longer just for college students dancing. Even Gary Vaynerchuk is over there! 93% of marketers land a lead with videos on social media. That’s why 87% of marketing professionals use video

 But this is where some course creators trip up and fail to grab the opportunities in video. They think they need a pro to get a video done, and because that’s often cost-prohibitive and they don’t want to look bad with an “amateur video,” they simply skip video. 

 That’s just sad. Fortunately, platforms like Animoto make video more and more accessible even to absolute beginners! 

   Animoto is a video editing platform with a drag and drop interface. You can build your video ads and promotions with images, clips and stylised text easily. 

  Animoto has templates you can simply customise, or you can start from scratch. Those templates simplify the process so much. You don’t experience the brain freeze of wondering how to go about your video! You can even choose templates according to each video’s purpose for your course promotions:  launch, course intro, portfolio. 

  Everything you need is there, from animations to music, stock images and cool transitions. 

  With Animoto, you can build your brand immediately. Fonts, colours, and watermarks on your video establish your brand identity.  

  Key Animoto stats and features:  

  • Certified partner of Hubspot, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
  • Unlimited creation and downloads
  • Easy customisation tools
  • Over 1 million Getty images and clips to choose from
  • Thousands of licensed songs 
  • Quick creation with templates 
  • “No experience necessary” drag-and-drop interface




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