Collaboration is the art of working together towards a common goal. It involves a group of individuals coming together, bringing their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. 

Effective collaboration is essential for success in any field, whether it is an internal team or working with business owners.

In this session of Tips Tuesday, we’ll be discussing the essential elements of effective collaboration, which include clear communication and expectations, defining roles and responsibilities, flexibility and adaptability, trust and respect, accountability and follow-through, and celebration and reflection.

These elements are crucial for creating a team that works together seamlessly, so join us as we explore the art of working together and learn strategies for building an effective and collaborative team.


[0:40] Welcome to our Tips Tuesday Session
[0:55] Collaboration and the Art of Working Together
[1:30] What is collaboration?
[1:45] Key elements of collaboration
[2:20] Clear communication and expectation
[3:35] Define roles and responsibilities
[5:28] Flexibility and adaptability
[6:45] Trust and respect
[7:30] Accountability and follow-through
[8:18] Celebration and reflection
[8:40] How do you find collaborations
[9:22] It is important to ask
[9:42] The advantage of collaboration
[10:00] Final tip to seek people you know, like and trust
[10:42] Special announcement


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