If you want to learn how AI quizzes can enhance your course creation process, check out the replay of our Experts Session for course creators.

In the session, Jackie from Interact and I discuss the many ways that AI prompts, queues, and tools like Interact can assist you in segmenting your leads and providing better leads for your course.

The most significant challenge in course creation is identifying the appropriate audience. By creating interactive quizzes with AI prompts, you can more precisely target your ideal audience and categorize your leads accordingly.

This is where tools like Interact are invaluable – they assist you in creating quizzes and tracking the outcomes, making it simpler to determine which leads are most likely to be interested in your course.

During the session, we provide some examples of how to use ChatGPT to create quiz prompts that are both engaging and relevant to your target audience. We also discuss how to combine these prompts with Interact, allowing you to easily categorize your leads based on their quiz results.

Try Interact and make your own quiz: https://snip.ly/interactquizmaker 

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[0:45] Learn about making Quizzes for Course Creation with Jackie Aguglia from Interact
[2:00] About Jackie and Interact
[3:30] Using quizzes as lead magnets
[4:45] Segmentation in quizzes by asking relevant questions
[8:45] Building a quiz with AI
[21:40] The more you can give AI, the better quiz you get
[22:45] Make a Quiz with AI
[28:00] Writing nurture sequence with AI
[30:50] Another building quiz exercise
[50:30] Branching logic within Interact
[52:00] Workflows
[55:08] Free trial with Interact
[56:35] Final tips
[56:55] Quizzes are conversations but automated
[57:55] One final prompt

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