Liz works with business owners to understand their numbers so they can make better business decisions. Decisions that save time, money and tax to attain their profit dreams.

Liz is passionate about equipping businesses with the tools and knowledge to know their numbers and reach profitable goals. With over 3 decades of experience and understanding of what makes a businesses numbers tick, Liz knows all the steps, shortcuts and tricks to profit. And that is why she is known as the Profit Geek.

Liz identified that many businesses experience difficulty planning and tracking business results, which leads to uncertainty and in the worst cases a business fails. All from not knowing their numbers. Determined to improve this devastating state of affairs, Liz founded CSI Business Solutions now Better Business Decisions in 2010 and she continues her entrepreneurial iteration as she works with clients moving their attitude toward their numbers from fearful to focused. Liz is not your average Chartered Accountant! She is an innovator and profit maker.

Liz joins me in this episode as we discuss how using numbers can help us make better business decisions.

Liz shares her tips in a way that every business owner can understand in this episode.