Right from the beginning, business is a mind game. But most business owners are merely employees who have a job they cannot quit.
In this Business Conversations episode, coach Jeremy Britton and I discuss how you can have a business which gives you more time and more life, while creating something others would love to give you money for.
Key takeaways from my business conversation with Jeremy include:
  • The difference between an employee mindset and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Reprogram your mind for success with meditation
  • Leverage and outsourcing for beginners
  • WWBD: What would Branson do?
Jeremy started his first business at age 19, and went on to create a dozen startups over the next few years. Along the way he made many mistakes and learned many lessons about life and business.
A heart attack at age 33 made Jeremy reassess his priorities around time and money, and he now specialises in balancing work, life, health and spirituality. Since selling one startup for six figures in 2010, Jeremy has been coaching other business owners in dozens of countries to achieve more results in less time.