The digital age has granted us greater ability than ever before to become publishers and mini media power-houses across mediums. 

From audio to video and the written word, a wealth of once professional tools are now readily and affordably available at our fingertips, allowing us to create our own audience of followers.

One of the most popular current tools is podcasting and it’s being embraced by individuals, along with small and large businesses alike as a great way to build a personal or brand profile and tap into a whole new audience of potential clients.

So let’s look at how you can build your profile with podcasting… 

What is a Podcast?

Live or pre-recorded, a podcast is much like a radio interview or story delivered to your audience on a regular basis. 

It’s technically an audio file on the Internet that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device, and can be made available on your website or via automatic subscription.

The Podcast Advantage

Unlike reading a blog or accessing social media, a podcast is a content medium that can be consumed on the run. 

You can listen to it in the car, while cooking, while going for your morning jog or even while checking your emails. 

And it’s a hugely popular medium that’s only increasing in size.

Current statistics indicate as of June 2022, there were 383.7 million podcast listeners globally, and by the end of this year there are predicted to be 424 million podcast listeners worldwide.

In Australia, 91 per cent of people over the age of 12 are aware of podcasts, and 59 per cent of people tune into a podcast while doing something else.

How a podcast builds your profile

Aside from the convenience they offer to the user, a podcast allows your business to establish credibility and provide relevant information to an audience of prospective customers.

As Forbes explains, not only is podcasting becoming generally popular, it’s a medium of choice for small businesses. 

They note: “More than one-third (39 per cent) of owners of SMBs listen to podcasts, and 65 per cent listen at least weekly, according to a survey by small business research firm Bredin. 

“Listenership increases with company size, as Bredin’s survey found that 70-72 per cent of owners of businesses with 100 to 500 employees are tuning in.”

That makes a podcast a great way of offering credibility within your field and beyond. 

The benefits of podcasting

Podcasting offers a range of benefits when it comes to both building your profile and providing content that excites and engages your audience.

So let’s walk through just a few of those benefits and how you can tap into them.


Covering topics that interest your type of consumer is a way of luring prospective customers into your world. 

It also offers the opportunity to build your credibility as a business that knows its audience and subject matter.

Expert insight

Meanwhile, the podcast is the perfect medium for interviewing other experts in your field, and many businesses use this to great effect.

Relevant and Useful

Along the way a podcast can offer real value to your consumer, giving them relevant, useful information they are unlikely to find somewhere else. 

This builds your business profile and makes your operation the supplier or service provider of choice.


I mentioned this earlier, but there is real value to offering content that can be consumed on the go. 

Unlike blogs that require attention, or social media that can be skimmed, a podcast allows you to gain the attention of people as they are doing other things.

And when it comes to the most popular place for consuming podcasts, it’s in the car. An astounding 22 per cent of people listen to podcasts while driving, and podcast listening peaks from 08.15 to 08.30am. 

Topics that listeners love

Like most types of content, there are a wealth of podcast topic ideas that can be easily found within your business.

They range from the most common questions people have about what you do to commentary about the future of your sector and more..

So, if podcasting piques your interest, let’s walk through some simple topic ideas to get you started…

Some podcast topics to get you started

  • Demystifying your industry
  • Q & As
  • Interviews with industry authorities
  • How to’s and explanations
  • Trends
  • Predictions for the future
  • Leadership tips

A few final takeaways

Podcasting does take effort to establish and requires a commitment of time. But it is relatively inexpensive with a wealth of software and tools available online.

Importantly, it can allow you to standout as a credible “go-to” expert in your field, building a valuable digital portfolio and loyal following.

If you also tap the talent of other industry leaders to interview as part of your podcasts, there are networking benefits as well, where you gain the attention of other key decision makers and leaders in your field.

Meanwhile, podcasting presents a unique opportunity as a means of storytelling, not just information. You can tell the story of your business, your staff members and your customers through podcasts that recount their experience.

If you’re looking to start your own podcast and wondering what’s involved, grab a copy of my ebook ‘How to start a podcast’ to learn all about the technology and process of podcasting.

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