Social media is a critical tool when it comes to establishing your business identity and forming an authentic relationship with your audience.

In this podcast with Hollywood filmmaker and composer Nicole Russin-McFarland, we explore what it takes to build an effective social media profile that benefits your career.

The three key areas of the podcast topic:

  • Being active on social media
  • The importance of being yourself
  • Tips on doing as much as you can with little money

Nicole explains winning an Oscar is all we see within the film industry. But what many people believe about becoming a studio filmmaker is incorrect. Making your first major studio film is not about running into your favourite director at a restaurant and handing him your script. Instead it’s about building a credible, authentic personal brand

Nicole Russin-McFarland is a former New York agency model who harnesses the power of the Internet to create personal brand as a credible film director and film score composer that reads like a Wes Anderson movie plot.

In a career twist impossible before the millennial era, Nicole made a name for herself turning online views of her films and her social media presence into recognition for her filmmaking and film music.