Studies indicate our sub-conscious runs the show 95 per cent of the time, but what if those inner belief patterns don’t align with what you’re looking to achieve?

In this Business Conversation, kinesiologist Amanda Kate explains that often we limit ourselves by what we’ve been told about ourselves and what we believe as true.

When we understand how much of the limitation we believe in is false and fear based, we can move beyond it, step into our authentic self, create and enforce boundaries and live the life we truly deserve.

Key areas covered in this podcast include:

  • Limiting beliefs – what they are and how they impact us
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Embracing the abundance mindset

As a highly-skilled and trained kinesiologist, Amanda Kate has a passion for healthy living and seeks to empower her clients and balance the body on every level – physical, chemical and emotional.

Amanda works to facilitate the recognition of self-sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs and negative behaviour patterns within clients, and identifies new ways of being which can then emerge creating long-term expansion, growth and change in every facet of their life.