This week, I’m excited to dive into a topic I adore exploring, especially when working with my clients, BBB members, and Marketing Circle members. We’re discussing how to unearth the treasure trove of marketing gems already existing within your business!

Discovering Content Goldmines

Everyday Interactions as Marketing Opportunities Often, the best marketing ideas are hiding in plain sight. Think about the daily interactions you have, the questions your clients ask, and the services you provide. Each of these elements is a potential post, video, or even a tutorial waiting to be shared with the world.

Repurpose and Maximise Repurposing content isn’t just efficient—it’s smart. By converting a client’s question into a blog post or a video, you create evergreen content that continually educates and engages your audience. Imagine transforming these interactions into content pieces that keep on giving, like an FAQ page that evolves into a series of tutorial videos or social media snippets.

Practical Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

1. Keep a Notebook Handy Always have a pen and paper nearby, whether by the phone or at your desk. Jot down any interesting questions or comments from clients. These notes can transform into valuable content that addresses common inquiries or topics of interest.

2. Leverage Your Blog Your blog is a goldmine of information. Revisit old posts and see what can be revitalised or expanded upon. Perhaps a popular post could turn into a series, helping to draw more sustained traffic to your site.

3. Utilise Tools for Efficiency Tools like InVideo or Canva can help turn key statements from your blog into engaging social media content or animated GIFs. Also, consider using platforms like IngramSpark for self-publishing content collections, such as eBooks or guides, which can further establish your authority in the field.

4. Create Tutorials Based on Client Needs If there’s a recurring theme in the questions you receive or a common challenge your clients face, create tutorial videos. These can be incredibly beneficial for both current and prospective customers, helping them better understand your products or services.

Engage and Grow

As we explore these hidden marketing opportunities together, remember that each small interaction or piece of content can significantly impact your audience engagement and business growth.

Let’s turn your everyday business dealings into impactful marketing strategies that not only answer questions but also showcase your expertise and thought leadership.

More Marketing Tips Available in The Marketing Circle

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