Today is R U OK day and as usual, I am posting to ask, R U OK?
While I am doing this on Social Media, I have had a rough start to the day and am sitting here trying to pick myself up to be ready for a webinar in an hour.
So why am I writing this post to you?  Because not everyone is OK all of the time!
Because sometimes, personal feelings rush to the surface no matter how hard you try to not let it happen. And yes; it can hurt. And it can happen to any of us at some stage or another.
Sometimes the wheels will fall off and that is okay.  We are all people behind our businesses, and people have feelings.
Even for the most together person, trying to keep the balance right between work and life can be hard.
Comments, feedback, loss of a deal etc. hurt us all in business because we care, and that is why our clients work with us.
Our caring means we invest a little of ourselves into every little thing we do. That makes it personal.
We need to remember as business owners that we won’t please or appeal to everyone and even if that hurts – in the end, all will be okay.
As much as it may hurt the situation, often it is not all about “us/me”.  There are other things happening too.
Remember to be kind to others, as we have no idea what is going on in their world and that “joke” or other flippant comments might have more bite than first thought.
So today on R U OK day, I hope that you are ok and if you are struggling, remember none of us has it all together all of the time.  Relax and be calm. Reach out if you need to, and let someone know, “I’m not ok”.