Business is like an elite performance, requiring focus, motivation and resilience, but often as business operators, we lack the training we need to be confident at such an elite level.

In this Business Conversations podcast, performance psychologist and trained opera singer Cailin Howarth shares her insight into “building the muscle” of confidence while combating procrastination, burnout and self doubt.

Cailin and I discuss:

  • The similarities between artistic or sports performance and business
  • Performance psychology and mental skills training
  • Building inner belief in our ability


Cailin Howarth is a classical singer who trained at The Conservatorium of Music at The University of Melbourne before performing in Australia and Europe.

As a performer, Cailin saw the need for skilled practitioners who understood the specific challenges of the performing arts, and subsequently returned to study psychology and ultimately, created The Performer’s Edge.

Through her business, she supports creatives and performers reach their full potential through bespoke coaching, utilising best practice performance psychology. Whilst this type of service is commonplace in elite sports and in the corporate world, this is one of the first of its kind within the arts sector.

Her goal is change the way we talk about and improve well-being in the arts by focusing on evidence based approaches. Cailin has recently been accepted to study for a Master in Performance Science at the prestigious Royal College of Music in London which she plans to commence in September 2020.