Blog writing is one of the most accessible and readily available tools that business has at their fingertips to connect with an audience and build a brand.

Created for a business website and/or Facebook page, it allows a you to build an audience of potential and existing clients, and regularly educate them on what you do, who you are, and the benefits your business offers.

Like any PR strategy, blogging should be employed regularly with a new blog post weekly, fortnightly or monthly. As it’s placed on your own website, a business blog offers you complete control of what you want to say, when, and how you wish to say it.

The benefits of business blogging:

Basically, a business blog is your own personally curated opportunity to engage with your clientele on a regular basis by writing articles and providing information that is interesting or important to your audience.

It enables your business to establish a tone and dialogue with existing and potential customers, while positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Usually between 400 and 750 words per post, blogs should be loaded at regular intervals. For some businesses that’s monthly, for others it’s fortnightly and for larger enterprises it can be as regularly as one or multiple times a week.

What it does:

The blog serves a series of purposes, and make no mistake, one that’s delivered well can put you in the prime position in your field. How? Well let’s take a look…

Establishing your authority

A blog allows you to personally engage your potential and existing customers by providing unique tips, insight or expertise in your field. It enables you to regularly share your company ethos and brand, or discuss pertinent issues to your industry.

The upshot of that is it establishes your business as a credible authority in your field.

Providing additional insight to clientele

As a blog is akin to your personal magazine, it allows you to highlight incentives, campaigns and tips for your audience. It’s a subtle way of marketing products or services you have by offering wisdom, advice or information to your clientele.

That’s not to say it’s all about pushing products, and too many businesses make this mistake. A well-crafted blog will offer an audience valuable information that guides readers back to the services of a business.

Placing you front of mind

One of the prime purposes a blog serves is to keep your business name “front of mind”.

A well-written, interesting blog will keep clients coming back to your site for further information. If you then also put your blog to work through news feeds and email campaigns, it ensures people keep coming back to you and remember your name.

Your website ranking

This point is important…a well-written, keyword driven blog will increase your website ranking, taking you from the dark depths of Google’s Page 8 to Page 1 if you play your cards right.

The art of this is not simply inserting keywords time and again, it’s about considering what people are likely to search for in relation to your industry and building a blog post strategy that will catch them in your web (pardon the pun!).

Want more Blogging for Business Tips?

In the Blogging for Business eCourse, we will look at blogging as part of your marketing strategy, ideas, what should be in a blog, how to’s and more.