If you own a business the likelihood is you’re busy. There’s the bookwork, staff to look after, an office to run and an image to maintain. But the reality is there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive and when the former overwhelms the latter, it’s time to take a new approach. This is where a coach or mentor proves invaluable and here’s why.


With an outsider’s perspective, a coach can take a bird’s eye view of your business to identify its strengths and weakness to assist you in setting goals. They can help you take stock of where you are and ascertain where you want to be in 12 months, five years or a decade down the track.

And then the business planning begins. Armed with a business plan you have a document to guide you into the future and a strategy to attain your goals.

It may be clichéd but it’s true that often business owners are so involved in day-to-day working in their business, they fail to work on their business, and a coach can be integral in clarifying the position and strategies for the future, and assisting with the creation of a proper plan.


Too many businesses fail to use their staff to their full potential which not only decreases productivity but also affects staff morale. Staff members need to feel valued and challenged with a leader at the helm who delegates effectively, handing over appropriate tasks when required. If you’re too busy to live the lifestyle you envisage and your business is running you, a coach can help you identify jobs to delegate and find the staff to delegate to.

Systems and procedure

The best businesses have clear systems and procedures to support their business plan. These essential documents provide the backbone of how staff meet the goals that the business owner sets. It also clarifies the business’ ethos and image, and takes the guess work out of day-to-day running.

Most importantly, systems and procedures guide how customers are dealt with, the office chain of command, staff member’s responsibilities and methods for dealing with complaints. It’s about clear and open communication. A coach can assist you define the type of workplace you want and the systems and procedures you need to ensure your expectations and those of your customers are consistently met.

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