The events of 2020 saw the world change irreparably. It also delivered uncertainty and reshaped the way we do business.

Now more than ever, mindfulness and mind management are crucial, according to mindfulness expert Richard Maloney, who explains how we react to a difficult situation will affect how stress affects us and our overall health and wellbeing.
In this Business Conversations podcast, Richard shares his top tips on how to be stress-free and thrive under pressure.

Richard and I discuss:

  • How we can get to know ourselves on a new level, connecting with our inner intelligence for a happier, more fulfilling and stress-free life.
  • How, once connected with our inner intelligence, we can be directed toward our true destiny, passion and purpose.
  • Unraveling why we are here and establishing our ‘why’ in life.

Richard Maloney has a unique and tangible system designed to minimise or eliminate stress from business leaders and executives through systematic mental training, allowing you to unlock your ultimate capability and your true potential, both at work and in life.

He is the founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global – an international mindfulness business with over 500 clients in more than 30 countries.

Richard is also the founder of Engage & Grow Global, which is now the number one employee engagement licensing company in the world.