PR Cues: Actionable Prompts and Ideas to build your media profile (pre order with bonus brainstorming session)

PR Cues is a card deck full of actionable prompts and ideas to help you build your profile with the media and public through PR (Public Relations). 

The brainchild of PR and Marketing Go To Linda Reed-Enever, these cards are practical PR activities and actions you can take.

From News Angles and Release Ideas to tips on how to connect with and pitch your story to the Media, PR Cues are just that; cues and tips to help you lift your PR game and pitch your stories consistently to the media.

Inside the box, you will find 50 tips and cues to help you with story ideas, new angles, and more to harness the power of the media for your brand.

Simply pick a card from the PR Cues deck and get ideas that you can use to take action on crafting the perfect pitch or writing your next release. 

The Deck Provides:

  • Inspiration for where to find newsworthy stories and sources
  • Tips on identifying the latest trends in your industry 
  • Tools to be more effective when writing releases or getting information
  • How to engage and build a strong and lasting relationship with the media
  • How to prepare yourself and your business before doing a release 
  • …and many more ideas.

The PR Cues decks are now available for Pre Order with shipping expected to happen towards the end of May. Every pre-ordered deck will get a 30 minute brainstorming Session with Linda as a bonus to help you boost your PR Profile.