Verbal learners – those that are naturally born speakers and tend to find it easy to express themselves, not only verbally, but also in the written word. Often the verbal learning style is confused with the auditory learning style, but while they do share some similarities, they are different (auditory learners learn through hearing in general as opposed to words they hear).

Characteristics of a Verbal Learner

Verbal learners find themselves drawn to language, and it is this love of language that influences how they learn. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of a verbal learner:

  • Tend to learn new words easily
  • Have a rich vocabulary
  • Enjoy reading and writing activities including wordplay games
  • Love learning new languages
  • Ask questions and express themselves verbally
  • Enjoy reading to themselves and others
  • Enjoy participating in study groups
  • Dislike working in silence
  • Easily remember facts and information

Teaching Verbal Learners

  • Offer instructions in writing and verbally, not just visually through images and pictures
  • Utilise live classrooms for some modules, or pre-recorded modules
  • When doing live classrooms or pre-recorded presentations, don’t talk solely in a monotone voice
  • Give written instructions and course materials that can be printed
  • Utilise games and quizzes based around the course content

How to Help:

Verbal learners love wordplay games and are great at remembering facts, so include some quizzes and other games in your content to keep them engaged and learning. 

Verbal learners have the ability to communicate well and they are always interested in learning about, and improving their communication skills. Allowing opportunities for them to do this in your course will benefit them greatly. 

What is Your Learning Style?