As course creators, we need to keep our students engaged in the learning journey in order for them to get the most out of our courses. This can be challenging, but there are a number of things we can do to make it easier.

This episode of the Course Creators Circle Podcast delves into essential strategies on how course creators can get and keep their student’s attention, focusing on attracting students to their courses and, most importantly, keeping them engaged throughout the learning journey.

1. Getting Students’ Attention

To captivate students, course creators must provide high-quality educational marketing content that aligns with various learning styles. Personal connection matters; showing the creator’s face establishes trust and familiarity, making the learning experience more engaging.

2. Crafting an Appealing Landing Page

The landing page should clearly communicate the course’s benefits. A video introduction, coupled with concise text, icons, and images, can highlight what students will learn, creating an immediate visual impact. Utilising attention-grabbing elements like checklists enhances engagement.

3. Engaging Welcome Sequence and Nurture Series

Upon enrolment, a welcome video outlining the course’s format and learning outcomes is crucial. For longer courses, implementing a nurture sequence via emails supports students throughout their journey, providing reminders and support. Personalised nurture emails also maintain student engagement and motivation.

4. Interactive Learning and Varied Teaching Approaches

Incorporating interactive elements like quizzes and workbooks keeps students engaged. Varied teaching methods, including videos, audio recordings, and multimedia presentations, prevent monotony. Allowing students to submit work fosters a sense of participation and achievement, enhancing their motivation to continue.

5. Evergreen Self-Paced Courses

Structured courses should offer a clear outline, a tour of materials, diverse lesson formats, and robust support through nurture sequences. Celebrating students’ progress with interactive tools using plaYEAH adds a sense of achievement, ensuring they stay motivated to complete the course.

6. Membership Bundles for Continuous Learning

Bundling courses into memberships creates a supportive community. Live sessions, Q&A sessions, and expert sessions enhance interaction. This model ensures continuous engagement, as students can join at any stage, creating a sense of community and support.

7. Live Cohorts and Challenges

Live cohort programs and challenges maintain momentum by offering time-bound, intensive learning experiences. These short-term programs provide quick wins and often lead to long-term engagement in memberships. Structured challenges ensure active participation and create a sense of achievement upon completion.

Additional Tips:

Show your face in your course: Students are more likely to engage with a course if they feel like they know and trust the instructor. Make sure to show your face in your video lessons and other course materials.

Use a variety of teaching methods: Different students learn in different ways. Mix up your teaching methods to keep things interesting and engaging for everyone.

Provide opportunities for interaction: Students are more likely to stay engaged if they have opportunities to interact with the instructor and other students. This could be done through discussion forums, live Q&A sessions, or group projects.

Make it easy for students to get help: If students are struggling, they should be able to easily get help from the instructor or other students. Make sure to provide clear instructions on how to get help in your course materials.

Course creators can keep their students engaged by implementing a combination of interactive elements, varied teaching approaches, and continuous support mechanisms. Personal connections, interactive tools, and diverse learning experiences play pivotal roles in creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment, ensuring students not only enrol but also complete their courses with enthusiasm.



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