As acclaimed entrepreneur Henry Ford once famously said: ”Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

In business, there’s immense power in positive thinking but practising a positive mindset is about far more than adopting a smile through gritted teeth.

Here, we discuss the power of positive thinking, including:

  • How to embrace and use positive thinking to best effect
  • The science behind affirmations and how they can help achieve your business and life goals
  • How to set effective affirmations that create positive thinking and outcomes

The Power Within

Positive thinking isn’t about ignoring challenges or forcing a smile through gritted teeth. Instead, it centres on adopting a mindset that focuses on good, potential, and possibilities.

Think of your brain like a garden—whatever seeds you plant, they will grow. Choosing to plant seeds of positivity allows you to cultivate a garden of optimism, resilience, and belief in yourself.

Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Affirmations can be thought of as the fertiliser for your positive thinking garden.

These are short, powerful statements that you repeat to yourself regularly, and they typically focus on what you want to achieve or become.

Science and Strategy

Science suggests that repeating affirmations can rewire our neural pathways.

Over time, positive self-talk can become your dominant way of thinking, boosting confidence and reducing stress. Here’s how to create an affirmation that works for you:

Personal relevance: Ensure the affirmation resonates with you. Choose one that aligns with your personal goals and aspirations.

Clarity in focus: Avoid multiple affirmations for different outcomes. Stick to one primary goal to prevent confusion.

Present tense and positivity: Frame your affirmation as if you’ve already achieved the desired outcome.

A well-structured affirmation speaks to an ongoing and ever-increasing state of success, happiness, and abundance—whatever these terms mean to you.

Making Affirmations Work

To get the best out of your affirmation:

  • Practice daily: Start your day by repeating your affirmation at least ten times.
  • Be consistent: Use your affirmation throughout the day, especially when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.
  • Visualise: As you repeat your affirmation, visualise achieving the desired outcome. This mental imagery reinforces changes in your attitude, behaviour, and interactions.

Remember, affirmations are a tool, not a magic bullet. They work best when combined with action and a commitment to personal growth.

They are also part of a journey, not the destination. They can significantly impact your mindset and, subsequently, your life when combined with action and personal growth.


  • [00:21] The Power of Positive Thinking
  • [01:22] Understanding Affirmations
  • [02:57] Creating Effective Affirmations
  • [05:32] Using Affirmations Daily

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