As the business world becomes more digital, creating courses is becoming more common. Whether you have a new business or you’ve been around a while, courses provide plenty of benefits, particularly in a world that now relies on digital sources for educating and increasing skills.

  • Thinkific is a course creation platform that works well for businesses looking to turn their current course content into an online option, for those looking to add value to their business by sharing their knowledge, or for business managers looking for a way to train remote staff.

The app store has been specifically designed to include apps perfect for course creation and set over four different categories:

  • The student experience
  • Selling more
  • Tracking
  • Email automation

There are a few elements that help make a course successful:

  • Running courses live, on-demand or a mix of the two
  • Setting up quizzes, surveys, assignments and exams as part of the course content
  • Issuing certificates when students complete the course
  • Tracking the progress of each student
  • Engaging with students one-on-one or as a group

Using the apps within the Thinkific App Store can help to provide a better overall learning experience for your students, as well as help you grow your audience.

How Do Thinkifc Apps Work in Online Courses?

Much like anywhere else, the apps in the Thinkific App Store allow you to add features that can help you create and sell more courses, as well as deliver them online more effectively. These are user-friendly apps that require no technical expertise, meaning they can be used by anyone wanting to build advanced tools into their course.

Thinkific Apps to Help You Sell More

The ability to gain and convert leads is the key to successfully selling your courses. This generally means capturing details, growing your email list, engaging potential customers who are about to leave your site and offering lead magnets. The Thinkific App Store has a range of apps to help you sell more including:

  • Capture – an app that can help you convert potential customers as they are leaving your site with engaging pop-ups. These pop-ups can trigger on a timer, on a scroll or as they are leaving the site, with discounts, free courses or a range of lead magnets.
  • DropInBlog – one of the best ways to help you sell more is to be seen more. This means potential and current students connecting with your brand in an SEO-friendly format. DropInBlogs runs on your Thinkific domain giving you a safe and secure blog site.
  • Stunning –  this app helps you keep failed and overdue payments to a minimum when using Stripe. It prompts students to update their credit card details when the details on file are no longer working or when the expiration date of their details is approaching.

Apps for Email Automation

One of the more time-consuming parts of any business is email marketing and the last thing you want to be doing is sending individual emails to your current students and your leads. Email automation saves you time and lets you get back to creating and running your courses.

The Thinkific App Store has a small number of apps for email automation including ones you may already be using – Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. Other app integrations include:

  • AWeber – this app provides simple email marketing tools to your desired audience. You can send email marketing campaigns and it automatically adds your new students through Thinkific to your chosen AWeber list.
  • Constant Contact – automatically adding Thinkific sign-ups to your chosen mailing list, Constant Contact allows you to make eye-catching emails with analytics and real-time reporting. You can see exactly what’s attracting the eye of the reader.
  • ConvertKit – one of the hardest parts about making a sale is converting a lead. ConvertKit automatically adds new Thinkific sign-ups and creates customised automatic sales funnels based on the student’s actions in Thinkific.

Creating courses is a great way to share your knowledge with other people, whatever the subject may be. With the ability to create courses for individuals or private courses for your employees, this platform is easy to use and gives you opportunities to grow.

Thinkific is the only platform that offers an app store, giving you total control over your course content, marketing and teaching. Share your knowledge, be an expert and help others shine with the Thinkific platform.

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