Business ownership can be a tough gig, and on occasions it can feel lonely to be the one tasked with all the decision making along with the responsibility for staff and their livelihoods.

That’s why it’s critical that business owners find a support network. This network will provide a space where you can bounce ideas around, discuss any current challenges, and develop business strategies to set your business on the path to success.

With that in mind, here are five ways to get the support you need as a business owner…

A coach

Not so long ago, there was the sentiment that business owners only turned to a coach when there was a problem. That of course is not the case. Many a successful business has drawn on the expertise of business coaches in order to hone their skills and get to the next level.

A business coach can help you look at your business from a different perspective, working with you to define the goals and strategies required to propel your business to success.

As an experienced business coach of 30 years, I often find that many of the issues that business owners grapple with are similar.

Although the industries may be different, issues occurring in a business often relate to common themes. Business coaching sees an expert professional work with the business owner to determine what exactly is going on, find clarity, set business goals for where they want to go and identify the best tools and strategies to get them there.

A mentor

While a coach is usually a paid professional with business expertise, a mentor might be someone with business experience who you respect and turn to when you need advice or just wish to discuss a business issue.

Your mentor could be someone more experienced in business or leadership, and they needn’t be in your specific field.

They are simply someone you can talk with and bounce ideas off.

Industry associations

Industry associations are a great way to obtain support and guidance specific to your sector. These associations will also often provide resources that you may benefit from – such as legislation changes, training etc.

Online communities

Social media has empowered business owners in so many ways, and there’s value to be enjoyed in dedicated online business communities including Business Business Business.

It is of course not the only dedicated online group where you can seek advice and inspiration for your business, with a multitude of groups dedicated to businesses across different sectors.

Chambers of commerce

Your local chamber of commerce is a great way of seeking support from other business leaders and successful business owners within your local community.

Chambers of commerce also advocate for local businesses, often working with the local council in the interests of the business community.

Meanwhile, they provide a great opportunity to network with other business people and have your business known in the local community.

Support is critical

It’s widely recognised that small business can be stressful and demanding, but it’s not something business owners need to navigate alone. There are a wealth of support structures available to assist you as a business owner when it comes to building your business.

If you’d like to work with me as a business strategist and coach, you can find out more about my business coaching services here or view the current business coaching programs I have available here.


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