Real contentment lies in being true to yourself, but often we find ourselves embracing different personas for the different arenas of life.

Leadership coach Mac Ling notes that’s where radical authenticity comes into play, allowing people to find the confidence, self awareness and acceptance to share their unique gifts with the world.

In the Business Conversation, Mac shares his insight into radical authenticity, including what it is and how it can pave the way to well-being and personal fulfilment – which leads to stronger relationships both personally and professionally.

Mac and I discuss:

  • What is Radical Authenticity?
  • How do I become Radically Authentic?
  • What does being Radically Authentic do for me?

Mac Ling is a transformational leadership coach, public speaker, and founder of Coaching Collective, an executive coaching company developing leaders in Asia-Pacific.

The core of Mac’s work revolves around helping his clients achieve Radical Authenticity.

His coaching style draws from his 20 years of experience working with cross-cultural leaders in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings across the United States and Asia-Pacific.

He has coached individuals from a wide variety of spheres of influence, including entrepreneurs, artists, business professionals, and NGO leaders.