Education Marketing is all about educating potential customers on our topics or industries which can then guide their purchasing decisions. It is about the value they get from using our product or service.

Specifically, it’s about moving leads further to our sales funnel and creating content that focuses on educating them rather than promoting hard selling.

So, what is the role of Education Marketing when it comes to course creation?

Education Marketing places you as an expert in your field and empowers your students to know more about the topic you are teaching and thereby create better working relationships with them.

Like anything in marketing, Education Marketing is like a tree. It starts with a seed. When we educate our market, we grow our audience. By answering questions they have, we can create content that becomes our lead magnet like webinars or ebooks to answer those questions.

A handy tool like AnswerThePublic can give us ideas on what our audience is asking. We can put in the keywords of the topic that we are about to teach and look at opportunities to create content that will answer the questions that are related to your topic.

Why use Education Marketing?

It builds trust and loyalty. When your students learn something from you, they get a win. Their trust increases with each win until such time that they are ready to purchase from us.

It builds authority. You are seen as the expert and get a reputation of being known as the go-to person teaching the topic. By sharing useful content, you can position yourself as the leader in the industry, provide real value and build a loyal community.

It retains and upsells existing clients. Once you have the students, educating them leads them further to the next step. This is where our nurture sequence comes in when leading them through to our product or service.

Educational Marketing methods you can use

  • Content that you already have like blog posts
  • Live and evergreen webinars
  • Cheatsheets and ebooks
  • Guest writing and appearing in other people’s audiences

Creating your nurture sequence

Address the needs of your student. What are they asking? What are their pain points? What do they need to be answered right now? Again, tools like AnswerThePublic is a great way to find out what these are.

Create valuable content in exchange for their email address (lead). Start building an email list by giving away a free download like an ebook or signing up to a free webinar.

Give them a win. What can they get from the free ebook or webinar? What can they learn from us that they haven’t already?

Make sure to follow up. What happens to the lead after getting the free ebook or after attending the free webinar? Make sure that they get a follow-up email so that you can nurture a call to action from there.

Final Takeaway

Educational Marketing is an ongoing process. Students seek the information and we take them into a cycle. So make sure that you learn to automate some of these processes to save time. A tool like Meet Edgar is very handy when automating evergreen strategies.

Not only is educating your market critical to outlining your expertise, but it is also imperative that we inform our customers about how we teach. This is why Educational Marketing is amazing because it empowers our students to choose to work with us and learn from us.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:50] The role of education marketing in course creation
[1:09] What is education marketing?
[1:48] Education marketing is a tree
[2:05] AnswerThePublic suggests questions on what you’re about to teach
[2:20] Educating your market builds trust and loyalty
[2:36] Educating your market builds your authority
[2:57] Education marketing helps retain or upsell existing students
[3:17] Educational marketing methods
[3:30] A look at blog post as an example
[3:50] A look at videos you already have
[4:08] Questions that are being asked
[4:45] What a good educational campaign needs
[5:19] Why ebooks and webinars are worth for the nurture sequence
[5:37] Run through an example of an ebook campaign
[6:22] An example webinar campaign
[7:20] Ways you can promote your educational campaigns
[7:35] Why the nurture process is crucial
[8:10] Handy stats to remember when employing education marketing
[8:17] Things to remember
[8:32] Learn to automate processes by using tools like Meet Edgar
[9:00] Educational marketing recap

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