When creating and selling a course, there may be times you wish to offer a discount to new students or a specific offer to existing or past students. This may be a coupon for a newsletter offer, a discount code that you use when presenting a workshop, or even as a gift to a particular individual or group of individuals.  

Creating a coupon is a great way to discount your course without needing to create a whole new pricing structure; and it can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can create a coupon code that you can email directly to students or to give to potential customers to use. They can then enter this coupon into the code box on your website and receive the discount. 

The second way is to create a special URL which contains the coupon code. This then automatically includes the discount on your course landing page. Simple and it means that people don’t need to remember a coupon code.  

Creating a Coupon for a Course 

One of the great things about creating coupons in Thinkific is that you can create it for one course or for a whole range of courses. So, if you are having a sale on a pre-order for a new course, you can create a coupon for that course only. On the other hand, if you have decided to have an EOFY sale on your courses, you can create a coupon code that can be used across as many courses as you would like it to be.  

So, how do we go about actually creating the coupon? 

Head to “Market and Sell” on your admin dashboard and select “Coupons”, and then “New Coupon”. This then brings you to the coupon creation screen. Click on “New Coupon”.  

Now it’s time to add in your coupon details: 

  • Add in your coupon name – essentially a description that your students will see when they apply the code. 
  • Set an expiry date if you wish to – a great way to add urgency to your marketing, and people tend to act quicker. However, if you prefer, you can offer an open-ended coupon. This may be best used for selected customers. 
  • Set your discount – you may like to select a dollar figure or a percentage. You can then select the course you would like to take the discount from. If you want to do a discount off all your courses, select “All Products”. If you only want to do the discount on selected courses, make sure you take the time to select the right products.  
  • Duration of discount – if any of your courses are subscription-based or paid on a payment plan, the “duration” field will pop up. This allows you to then set a discount for a set amount of days or as an intro deal “first month free”, “60 days at 50% off” etc. This field is always in months. Leaving this field blank will give a free-forever access.  
  • Now it’s time to create your codes. You can create multiple codes and quantities of that code. This is perfect if you are adding in codes for specific students and want to limit the amount of codes available for them to share. Pick your unique code name and then how many uses you want to have for that code. Leaving it blank will result in unlimited uses being available.  
  • Save your coupon and remember that code! 

Using Your Coupon 

As we mentioned, there are two ways you can utilise your coupon.  

Add the coupon code to your course URL by bringing up the URL and at the end adding in “?coupon=XXXX”, where XXXX is your coupon name.  

Alternatively, you can send the coupon name directly to those on your email list, and they can type it into the coupon code box on your landing page. 

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