The end of the calendar year is upon us – a time to take a break. relax, recharge and rejuvenate.
For many that means a time of celebration. For some it is a time of holiday.
For most businesses, this time of year means a slowing of activity. That means an opportunity to relax.
Use the time to set up your next year of activity. Return to the business in the new year relaxed refreshed revitalised.
New opportunities will likely appear in great number through next year and the best way to recognise them is by being prepared.
If we are stressed, anxious or worried opportunity can slip by unnoticed.
Whereas if we are prepared, we can take advantage of opportunity. This generally means we are achieving growth, gaining a better result.
Make the most of whatever is available to you at this time of year. If you are working, deliver your best. If you are holidaying, focus on holidaying.
Whether you are working or taking a break, take some time to:
  1. Focus on what is important to you
  2. Spend time relaxing
  3. Recognise why you do whatever it is that you do in business
  4. Remember #3! Write it down.