Building a business is a bit like building a house – you need to have a plan, completion date and idea of all the projects that will be undertaken to make it a success.

And just like building a house where getting too caught up in nail sizes and paint colours will see your project bogged down in details with no end in sight, building a business where you are overwhelmed by menial operations without a view of the end game will see you working in your business not on it.

Here are five steps to ensure you’re building your business, with a big picture in mind.


So you’ve got a dream home mapped out, one with the right amount of rooms, enough storage space and a great place to enjoy your lifestyle… But how do you erect it? Through planning, goal setting and deadlines.

It’s the same in business where instead of your architectural plans you have a business plan, where instead of deadlines to lay the slab, erect the walls and build the roof, you have goals of initial income, growth targets and return on investment.


Just as you would attend a site inspection to ascertain progress of your dream build, you look to your performance indicators to make sure your business is on track. Then you can change strategies to ensure the foundations of customer service are completed on time, and the walls of income generated are sturdy enough to support the roof of expansion.  


You’re not going to try your hand at electrical work or plumbing are you, while swotting up on the best nail gun to use? So why in business are you attempting to handle all the bookwork, answer the phones and figure out the legals? Seek professional assistance when required, employ the right help and call in the foot soldiers to get the job done.

Step back

Your home will be built with the future in mind, with an eye on current trends, best practice and what may appeal should you decide to sell this investment. Business owners should have a similar overarching view with an awareness of new trends, technology and diversification which will see their business the most spectacular on the block.

Support crew

Do these tiles suit, is the ensuite big enough? Chances are you wouldn’t be making these building decisions alone. Occasionally you may need to bring in an architect or interior designer to ensure you’re on the right track, along with seeking feedback from people you trust. Nor is business leadership a sole responsibility. In business your experts may be a coach, mentor or a brainstorming session with your team.

Ultimately building a home is about bringing a vision to life where you will spend valuable time each day in the knowledge you have created one of the greatest investments of your lifetime. Your business should have the same big-picture projections in mind, where you are building a solid investment that will serve your daily needs.