In the world of marketing, one topic that is discussed repeatedly is finding the right people and the right audience. 

Many people come to me seeking advice on building a large audience, believing it’s the key to success. 

However, it is crucial to recognise that a large audience does not automatically equate to increased conversions. 

The fundamental objective lies in identifying the right audience, individuals who possess a genuine interest in your offerings.

The Myth of the Large Audience

A large audience can be a distraction. It’s not about the numbers; it’s about who those numbers represent. 

The goal isn’t to reach everyone but to connect with the people who genuinely need and value what you offer. 

Your efforts should focus on communicating your message where your target audience is active and engaged, not merely riding the latest social media trends for the sake of going viral.

Discovering Your Audience

Start with Your Existing Customers

Your current customers are a goldmine of insights. Engage with them to understand where they spend their time online and what content resonates with them. Analyse how they found you in the first place. This information is invaluable for attracting more people like them.

Study Your Competitors

If you don’t have a substantial audience base yet, look at your competitors. Examine what content they share, which platforms they use, and how they engage their audience. This doesn’t mean copying them, but rather gaining a sense of the market landscape and figuring out where you can uniquely position yourself.

Use Analytics and Tools

Leverage tools like vidIQ and Metricool to analyse your content’s effectiveness and your audience’s demographics. These tools can help you optimise your content with the right hashtags and keywords, ensuring it reaches the intended audience at the right time.

Avoid Pre-judging Your Audience

A common mistake business owners make is pre-judging their audience, which can hinder their ability to connect with the right people. Your perception of your audience might not align with their actual needs and behaviours. It’s essential to meet your audience where they are, both in their journey and in their content preferences.

Creating Engaging Content

Content should be tailored to your audience’s level of understanding and needs. If your audience is new to your industry, simplify your content. Conversely, if they are seasoned experts, provide more in-depth information. The goal is to solve their problems and offer them a tangible benefit and win, encouraging them to engage further with your brand.

Educational Value

Content that educates and provides value often leads to higher engagement. This could translate into subscribes, likes, follows, or the next step in the customer journey. Practical and actionable content tends to resonate more than content that’s purely trendy or viral.

Effective Strategies for Audience Engagement

Quizzes for Segmentation

Quizzes are a fantastic tool for segmenting your audience and gathering detailed data. By segmenting, you can tailor your communications to meet the specific needs of different audience groups, ensuring relevancy and increasing the chances of conversion.

Webinars for Direct Interaction

Hosting webinars allows you to engage directly with your audience, addressing their issues and showcasing your expertise in real-time. This interaction fosters a deeper connection and provides valuable insights into their needs and challenges.

Understanding Audience Stages

Recognise that your audience comprises individuals at different stages of their journey with your brand:

  • Ready to Buy: These are the people who need little convincing and are ready to make a purchase.
  • Considering Buying: They are interested but require more information or nurturing before committing.
  • Not Ready Yet: They know they need your product or service but aren’t ready to buy. It’s crucial to keep them engaged until they are ready.

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t get fixated on numbers. A smaller, engaged audience is far more valuable than a large, unengaged one. Even if only a few people interact with your content, those interactions can lead to meaningful business relationships and conversions. Some of my best clients have come from content that didn’t perform well in terms of views or likes but resonated deeply with the right people.

A Challenge for You

I challenge you to focus on finding and connecting with the right audience for your business. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, hone in on your target market and communicate effectively with them. If you need guidance, feel free to reach out and book a discovery call

Let’s find your audience and create meaningful connections together!


  • [00:00] The Myth of a Large Audience
  • [00:52] Identifying Your Existing Audience
  • [01:20] Analysing Competitors for Insights
  • [02:00] Optimising Content and Hashtags
  • [02:18] Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • [02:42] Creating Engaging Content
  • [03:10] The Pitfalls of Viral Trends
  • [03:29] Using Quizzes to Segment Your Audience
  • [04:01] Webinars: Engaging and Converting
  • [04:27] Understanding Audience Stages
  • [04:56] Quality Over Quantity
  • [05:43] Final Thoughts and Call to Action

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