Working from home or remotely is something we all got used to with Covid-19. Suddenly, remote work has become a necessity instead of a luxury for many professionals. But does working from home make us Master of Our Own Domain?

Working from home is awesome, we could do whatever we want, whenever we want. We can grab a cup of coffee, do our laundry, and while we can do all that, it doesn’t mean that we own our time as far as our workday is concerned.

Despite the flexibility of time, there are factors that can affect how we balance our life working from home. But with set goals, clear communication, boundaries, and self-discipline, working from home can be done effectively.

In this Tips Tuesday session, let’s explore some strategies on how to make work from home work for you. This is especially useful and timely for working mums like myself, now that school is back for our kids and the rest of the workforce are returning to their normal environments.

Tips for leading a better and more productive remote-work life

  • Set clear work hours and workspaces. Without them, it is easy to get lost. Set a schedule and stick to it, most of the time. Have clear guidelines for when and where to work and when to call it a day. If you have the space, set up a home office, if not at least a permanent space where you can work from. Set boundaries with your time and space and stick to them.
  • Make it clear with your clients. What are your work and coaching hours? Set the best and only time that your clients can reach you and how. Communicate it with them so they know what to expect.
  • Make it clear with your family and friends too. This is very important too as it is easy to get distracted and caught up. Make it clear with them when you are working and the times you are able to be free and catch up with them.
  • Set family time. Just as we set strict work time, we also need to set strict family time without the distractions from work. It is just as important and makes you more effective.
  • Walk away each day. This is a must for all of us to walk away from our work each day and get some rest and get refreshed for another workday the next day. For me, it’s as simple as closing the door to my office to signal my brain the end of my workday. It can be the act of closing your laptop or putting a cover over your computer.

There you have it, a few simple tips for you on how to effectively work from home and achieve the work-life balance that we all aim for.

Now, this is not a perfect formula, of course. Sometimes, life does happen and things grab our attention from all sorts of different places. Don’t worry if you sometimes fall off from your set “rules.” Just take the time you need and get back on track. Soon you will be accustomed to your working habits at home and that is how you can become a Master of Your Own Domain.


[0:00] Introduction
[1:25] Working from home—Are you a master of your own domain?
[1:50] Factors that affect our workday when we work from home
[2:20] How to take control of your time
[2:25] Set clear hours, clear spaces, and walk away if you can
[3:03] Set clear goals and boundaries with your clients
[3:55] Have the same conversation with family and friends
[4:19] Walking away at the end of each day
[5:06] One tip that I personally use about how I work
[5:48] How to deal with things that pop up in our day
[6:25] Work-life balance—it’s all about give and take
[6:50] Time-blocking sheets to help you get more things done
[7:00] Recap
[7:15] Thank you for joining me in another Tips Tuesday session