With so many other marketing tactics, why would you choose to use a media release?
Why should you devote the time and effort into crafting the perfect story, and then promoting it to various media outlets?
With the rise of the 24 hour newsroom the need for a journalist to find stories and new sources is increasing, so media and press releases are a great way to get your story out there. When used within a well thought out marketing strategy, a media release can provide a number of significant benefits to you and your business.

Exposure Awareness and Branding

There are many opportunities to strengthen your brand with a media release. A media release is an excellent tool to help create awareness.
When used in conjunction with a strategic social media approach, your release can reach a larger, more engaged audience by attracting the attention of a journalist, blogger or media outlet. Your media release can help you gain credibility through storytelling, case studies, and testimonials.
You can establish your authority in the industry with the information in your release. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to communicate your message through extra information, links, and supporting content.

Increased Website Traffic

Why not incorporate some hyperlinks in the copy and create an interactive media release? When you send out your media release through various social media platforms and email, you have the opportunity to embed and integrate links. When your release reaches your audience, many of them will click on the links and visit your website or blog.
It’s important to make sure that the links in your media release support your goals for the release. For example;  if you want to drive traffic to an opt-in page and build your list then the link in your media release should go directly to your opt in page.
Don’t forget to double-check your links and test them before you send out the release!

Increased Sales

By basing your marketing strategy around a media release, you can tap into buying triggers like credibility, authority, and likeability.
If you’re using a media release to launch a new product or service, then you’re likely to see a growth in sales. You may experience this benefit even if you’re not specifically trying to increase sales!
For example;  a well-crafted announcement for an event or function may attract the attention of people who, in the process of learning more, decide to make a purchase while they’re at it.

Media Coverage

Let’s not forget that if the media decides to pick up your story and cover your company, you will then have a tremendous opportunity to increase your branding, exposure, and sales. For many, that’s the ultimate goal for a media release and a solid marketing campaign.
The most important part of any media release is to ensure that it makes sense within the context of your business, your audience, your goals and your marketing.
When you’re able to successfully integrate your releases into your existing marketing, you’ll have a much larger return on investment and you’ll reap the discussed benefits, and more.