An early adopter of LinkedIn I love LinkedIn and the network I have built there over time. LinkedIn is a growing platform and one that I hope a lot people will find me on after this article.
I started using LinkedIn back in 2003 when I was working in recruitment marketing and found it a great way to connect with and build my network ever since.
LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool that throughout my career has allowed me to build and take my network with me. It has even scored me a job or two as well and just last week it connected me with an old employer who sent me a message to say how proud he is to see where I am now.
LinkedIn is purely for professional networking and that is why I love it.  LinkedIn provides me with great reads from industry professionals, news from world and professional groups to network with. 
In alot of ways LinkedIn is Facebook for professionals.

And here is just a few tips for spending time on LinkedIn

Make Your Profile Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Take the time to review your profile and make it stand out. Your Bio is the first thing people will see so make it catchy so you stand out from the crowd of other professionals in your industry. Make sure you include all of your awards and achievements too.

Join a LinkedIn Group to Build Your Reputation

LinkedIn says its Groups can be a useful knowledge resource and a great place to exchange knowledge with other professionals. I find it a great place to make connections, ask questions and share knowledge with other professionals.

Connect with the Past

The thing I love about Linked In is connecting with past staff and colleagues and seeing where they are now. Some of us are still in the same fields and still work together, other have moved on from the industry but are great connections to have.

Get Involved

LinkedIn is social networking and the best things happen when you get involved and start discussions.
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