This is a rant, and I am ok with that because it needs to be said. Being a MUM has nothing to do with why I am in business.
I am in business because I have the vision and the drive to create a business, lead a team and I am good at what I do. NOT because I am a MUM.
To my family, I am a Mum, Wife, Sister and Daughter.  To my friends, I am Linda, so I don’t know why in business I can’t just be a business person.
I love being a Mum don’t get me wrong, but it is labelled like Mumpreneur, Soloprenuer, etc. that are driving me mad at the moment.  Why can’t we just be business people?
Do we really need another label, and the pressure to be seen as fitting that label?
I am a person who is in business, as well as many other things too.  We should not be defined simply & singularly by the various roles we have within our lives,
I would love to know what others think on my short and sweet rant today…
It had to be said – I am business person when it comes to business.