We have just begun a New Year – New Financial Year.

What goals have you set?

Was last year’s performance reviewed and evaluated? Did it deliver what you expected – or what you wanted? And was there a difference between those two?

Taking a clear view of what you achieved in a previous period and of what you want to achieve in a future period can identify what activity is needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Remembering that whatever it is that we want to achieve, we cannot control the outcome – just the activity, is a good place to start to ensure the best opportunity of achieving the goals we set. Setting a goal because it would be a great thing to achieve whilst we have no hope of delivering the activity needed to achieve such a goal is simply setting up a failure. Fail often enough and one believes one can’t actually win – is doomed to perpetual failure.

Each of the potential outcomes is delivered because of our thinking.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

This quote from Henry Ford emphasises just how important how you think about something is when it comes to achieving an outcome.

Many things we do, we do as habit. Once we have handed something over as habit, the task will be undertaken without the need for us to think about it. It just happens. What is important about habit is understanding if ‘we’ decided on the habit or we ‘let’ it become a habit. If we just ‘let’ something become a habit, whatever is being done might not be in our best interest.

Look to all your activity. Evaluate what is happening and if it is not helping – change it so it will help. If it is helping, can it be enhanced to make it even more helpful?


  • Set your goal/s.
  • Understand clearly what is required to achieve the goal.
  • Practice the activity.
  • Monitor and evaluate performance.
  • Adjust as necessary.