Marketing Plans are a hot topic right now as we plan for 2022 and especially in this office as we add the finishing touches to the 2022 Marketing Planner. I know at the moment it can be overwhelming with Marketing Coaches like me sharing tips on try this and have you thought of that so in this week’s tips Tuesday session I went through a few key things you should be looking at adding to your Marketing Plan in 2022 and I have a list of 35 content ideas you can include in it!

When we create marketing content we create it to do one of the following

  • To entertain – this will have a strong emotional appeal to an audience, making it very shareable.
  • To educate – this will allow for a wide reach especially for those who might not be in the know about products or services just yet. Again, this is often very shareable.
  • To persuade – This is slightly more emotionally charged; content that gradually changes the mind of the consumer 
  • To convert – Content that is more often than not rational rather than emotional as you will need a decision-making brain when considering what a conversion piece has to offer you.


35 Content Ideas to put into your Marketing Plan for 2022 that you may not have thought of:

  1. Own Product Reviews – Everyone loves a personal opinion and so expressing this on your own platform allows your readers to gain an insight into what you may personally think of a product. If you run a blog, opinion is highly rated and nowadays followers are more likely to take your review over one written in a magazine.
  2. External Product Reviews – This is similar, whether written on a particular product or company. Amazon and eBay are great examples of how your opinion on a product can change the minds of buyers.
  3. Live Video – This comes in the form of streaming live feeds of videos, particularly great for webinars, interviews and regular tune in updates like tips Tuesday
  4. Photo Galleries – They say a photo speaks a thousand words, and it can often be a lot easier to explain things using an image than a bulk of text. So get the camera out and get snapping what is happening in your business.
  5. Q&A – Question and answer sessions can be formal and informal, they are a great way to show off your expertise and be accessible at the same time and lots of the social platforms are bulling in Q&A feature in 2021 and 2022 so what not use them!
  6. Newsletters – We own two things on the internet our website and email list so pack your newsletter full of juicy bits (we have planning pages in the marketing planner to help you with that)
  7. ‘What to do’ and ‘what not to do’ posts – Putting yourself in a position of knowledge can be great for readers. They want advice on where to go next, particularly in their jobs, personal lives, dress sense. 
  8. Ebooks – This can be a well-designed, shortened version of a book, or used to simply explain. They make great lead magnets too which helps you build your newsletter list. We love Designrr for create ebooks from Blogs
  9. Comics/Cartoons – Are a fun and informal way to illustrate your point, even if it’s a serious topic! Try apps like Volia and Bijmoji.
  10. Give Kudos – Showing admiration for a brand or company can increase traffic to your blog/website, and could potentially allow for them to reciprocate the respect they might have for you.
  11. Create useful spreadsheets or docs – Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good spreadsheet, and that sort of organisation does not go unnoticed. Organisation can often make or break a relationship with a customer and it’s important for that neatness to resonate through your entire business.
  12. Podcasts – If your audience is busy Podcasts are a great way to get your message into their ears, you can either be a guest or host your own. (need help getting started checkout the P’s of Podcasting Course)
  13. Interactive Demos of own products – A quick demo featuring a product of yours can do the world of good for your site. Everyone wants to know exactly how something works, and if you’re able to offer them this service, you cut out the questions that a demo would solve instantly.
  14. Free tools – Offering simple but effective tools to readers, for free, means that you’re offering a service that is needed.
  15. Webinars – Offering readers the chance to partake or watch a webinar of something useful that they may relate to means that depending on the niche, it will be seen by many. If you are skilled in your field, many will jump at the chance at taking part or being able to hear what you have to say.
  16. Blog Posts – Those entries to your blog, like a diary: if you weren’t entirely sure!
  17. Newsjacking – Using an event to attract positive exposure to your brand. Depending on what the event is, this could work great. For example, during Hurricane Sandy, Duracell was able to deploy charging stations to the affected areas. They released this video, showing just how amazing the brand was at pulling people together.
  18. Personal Opinions – When you’re used to writing extremely thought out content, a personal opinion post might allow your readers to see a different side of you, which is often very refreshing. Honesty is widely accepted within the blog community, which means shares, and exposure!
  19. Free resource – Everyone loves something for free, and if you’re able to offer information or templates that can get your readers from point A to B without hesitation, they will always return.
  20. Micro Blog Posts – Brief or short ‘n’ snappy posts that enables the user to send quick updates. Twitter, for example, only allows you to use 240 characters. Also great for LinkedIn and Insta with an image
  21. Quizzes – Are often fun, light-hearted questions that could possibly determine just how sassy you are or what character you are out of Breaking Bad. Buzzfeed is a mine for quizzes, which is just why they do so well. (we love Inertact for Quizes)
  22. Screencasts – Often with customers, a run through is needed if they are unsure of how to use a tool, and when you’re not able to do it face to face, you can show them just what they need to do through a screencast.
  23. Meet The Person Posts – Allow for readers to get a real feeling for the person behind the blog/website. Generally, they are of an informal nature to get on a personal level with your readers. Up the anit with a video
  24. Aggregation of articles – Is a great way of keeping readers interested in your blog. Think of this as a strung-together story; you need different aspects to be discussed within each article to come together in a final piece.
  25. Share a “Must-Do” List: What does it take to succeed in your industry or niche? Turn into a post, video or both and share it with your people it is a great way to connect with those show are a little lost
  26. Quotes – Words spoken by another person, used often to make a point. Quotes are a great way of discussing things as they are relative to everyone. They are great as used on a personal level, particularly on a blog.
  27. Inspirational Messages – Are a great way of motivating and bring a positive attitude to your blog. People are often at a loss when it comes to their personal life, acting as a big brother or sister can make you be seen as an influential and thought driven character.
  28. Humorous and light-hearted images and captions – Again, very self explanatory. No one likes to be serious all the time. Bringing humour into a situation can bring the severity of a topic right down. For hard-hitting subject, this is great.
  29. Pdf Rescources – Lots of PDFs take the form of an ebook but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Providing a PDF with information for everyday use can then be seen as the ‘go to’ resource for that information.
  30. Media Mentions – Showing screen grabs of media mentions is a great way to show off! There is also the option to embed tweets and Facebook posts from the media outlets.
  31. Personal Opinion Predictions – Giving your own opinion on a matter can sometimes be hard to do, especially if you are going against other people’s opinions. Doing this can sometimes cause a stir but in turn, raise awareness of you and your brand.
  32. Resource Page – These pages can have links to other websites, useful information and downloads.
  33. FAQS – Frequently asked questions are a great resource for any website. People will always have questions so providing them with answers is a brilliant resource.
  34. Short Form Videos – Broadcasted through not only TikTok Youtube Instagram and Facebook, short form video is also hot right now, start by cutting down longer videos to short snippets by using tools like Pictory and Descript
  35. Polls – Polls are great when you seek the view of other people, and what their preferences are, particularly when it comes to your site; the layout and more importantly, the content. Giving readers such free range of opinion lets them know you’re happy for their contribution, and of course, you want to create content that they are deeply interested in seeing.