PR is all about relating your business to the public, telling your story, building your brand and sharing your message in a way that the media and the general population will relate to you and your brand.
Every business, brand, and corporation has a story to tell – an idea or ethos that is unique to them. At its heart, public relations is about telling that story over and over again in a number of ways.
Great public relations is about telling that story well, at the right time, with the right focus and feel, to the right audience.
PR is a mostly proactive world, but occasionally it’s reactive and it is a matter of thinking on your feet and being able to do both.
Many business and organisations often underestimate the power and range of public relations confining it to media releases, but it is much more than that and that is Y it is critical to any business.
In this digital age the world of PR has expanded and in addition to media marketing and advertising its realm now encompasses social media, blogging and more. Connecting a business with its public and providing them the information they need to make decisions about how the feel about the business and its products.

PR is important to your business:

PR is the message YOU share, YOUR clients share and YOUR reputation and that messages and branding is HOW the public decide if they want to work with you.
Put simply it is everything you do. Which makes planning for it vital and key to any business.
Proactive PR campaigns where you share your story put you in control of the message you share and in turn influence, the messages your clients share too and should be the heart of every campaign.
Most businesses are taking part in PR every day but do not realise it. Client calls, emails, sales letters, social media are all PR.
What they are often not doing is planning for it.
After years in the industry, my advice to business owners is this: Take a step back, review your brand, define your key messages and work out what you want to say.
After you have done that, work out where your clients/audience is and share your story with them.  
You don’t have to win over the whole world just the audience that is right for you and your business.