We have been in lock-down for several weeks and many will have made decisions about change – starting a new business, changing an existing business, changing the focus of an existing business, etc.

Most business owners know WHAT they want to do or achieve, they also have the passion and the knowledge WHY they want to do it, but far too many business owners don’t know HOW to achieve their goals and business planning is all about the HOW.

To create a proper business plan, you need to work through a process:
The Steps…

1. Thoughts – These are your dreams, wishes and aspirations.
2. More thoughts – look further, go deeper.
3. Chaos – The period between thoughts, dreams and action
4. Form and direction – Work through the chaos to find form and direction.
5. Clarity – With the form and direction comes clarity.
6. Certainty – From clarity you can begin to act upon your dreams with certainty.
7. Success – Certainty about what you want and how to achieve it is success.
8. Activity – while we cannot control the result, we can control the activity.
9. Result – The activity determines the result.

So now you know that it’s not about what you “do”. You have always been able to “do” the task, so what is it? It is all about what you “do” for the customer. What they get from what you “do”.


i. Research what you “do” and what your customer gets
ii. Identify the crucial points
iii. Prove those are the difference between you and “everyone else”
iv. Act. Do it. Just go out and start.

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