What are you thinking at any given time? And what does it matter?

It matters plenty and most often is the difference between success and whatever is not success.

Being present is something that is heard about quite often, but what is ‘being present’?

At any given time throughout your day as a business owner there might be dozens of things occupying your mind. Anything from wondering if the rent was paid when it was dues to did you return that call from the bank manager, or what is scheduled for next weekend, or what ever happened to last weekend.

The good news is that you don’t have to be stretched in every direction by runaway thoughts. You can be present and in charge of your thoughts. Therefore you can have more control over what is happening and as a result obtain better outcomes.

Practice being ‘in the moment’. Whatever it is that you are doing – be there; be aware and focus on that. The good news is that, whatever else is crying for your attention will still be there when you are finished whatever it is you should be applying your attention to in this moment.

Try it! You will find better outcomes, greater serenity, better decisions and what does that bring?

Better life!

Focus. Mindset. Mindfulness. Being Present. What you call it doesn’t matter. It’s about the outcome – better life.