As a small business owner time is precious so if you can find a tool that makes your life easier then I say jump in and use it!
Yesterday I asked on Facebook if anyone would be interested in the tools I found and loved for business in 2013 after a resounding YES and here they are:

  1. Buffer – The team at Buffer have offer a great service for small business to manage and track their social media. And they have even asked for my help and assistance too!
  2. Social Cam has become a new love for video blogs as you can share it to most forms of Social Media!
  3. Freshbooks made my invoicing easier, tells me when a client and even sends a reminder to clients if they have not paid their invoice after 14 days.
  4. IFTTT automated my world in late 2013 tracking and collating information for me on the web along with another great too I love called Zapier
  5. Evernote organised my world and thank to Megan from Tech Coach HQ I learnt how to use it to work with clients too!
  6. Canva has allowed me to create some amazing designs and covers on the run without a full design suite.
  7. LastPass is keeping me and my passwords secure
  8. Gwabbit grabs the contact details from my email
  9. Twitter Notifer is keeping me notified of Tweets
  10. Dropbox is my GOD for file sharing with family friends and clients
  11. And Google Alerts is keeping track of the web for me.

So what have been the tools you have loved for business in 2013?