We are kicking off our Tips Tuesday Sessions for 2021 and over the break, you will have seen Facebook are rolling out a new experience for Business Pages and as business owners there are a few things we need to do, to be ready for the change.

What’s New:

A redesigned layout that’s simpler and more intuitive
Dedicated News Feed to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans
Easy navigation between personal profile and Pages
Updated task-based admin controls giving trusted Page admins full control or partial access
Actionable insights and more relevant notifications
Safety and integrity features to detect spammy content and impersonator accounts

From Facebook here is the rundown:

What features will I have access to with a new Page?

If you have full control of a new Page, you will have access to the following:

Easy Switching: Navigate between your personal profile and new Page using a switcher. Manage your private profile and Page separately.

Facebook News Feed: Follow other public figures, brands, and partners to create a News Feed with topics that matter to you. Stay up to date and connect with people and content on your new Page News Feed.
Your new Page News Feed will be separate from your personal profile. You can follow different Pages and profiles to curate a unique experience for your News Feed on the new Page. Anyone with full control will see this News Feed.

New Page Management: You can give full control or partial access to your new Page to help manage it.

Instagram Account Linking: Link your new Page with your Instagram account to manage communication, cross-post and run ads across both platforms.
Monetization & Advertising: Use tools to help monetize content you create. Create and manage ad campaigns using your new Page and Ads Manager.

Followers: Your follower count will be publicly displayed and be the primary metric tracked in your insights.
Features: You will continue to have features, such as Stories, Groups, notifications, etc.

Insights: Updated insights will help you understand your audience and how your content performs.
Platform tools: Such as Business Manager, Ads Manager, Creator Studio and Pages Manager App.

Full control will give access to manage the Page from all platforms.
If you are giving partial access, you can choose which features they can manage, and which platforms.

Blue Badge: If your Page had a blue verification check, it will transfer to your new Page.

Will I lose access to features or tools from my classic Page?

We are working on integrating classic Page features into new Pages. Some of these features will be available soon.

Page Likes: If someone likes your Page and is also a follower, they will still follow your new Page.
If someone only likes your Page but does not also follow it, these likes will not transition to your new Page. Learn more about likes and follows.

Classic Page Roles, such as moderator and editors, will not be available at this time.
You can give full control or partial access to your new Page to help manage it.

Publishing tools, such as Notes, pinned posts, scheduled posts, and cross posting

Business features, such as jobs, appointments, offers and Marketplace listings
Classic Page features, such as reviews, check-ins, Page templates