I hear comments like this in general conversation and see comments like this on social media. It’s even reported in newspapers. As each year passes, I see repeated mentions of ‘not enough time’ growing more frequent towards the end of each quarter.

Of course there are cut off points, deadlines associated with the ending of each quarter which demand specific performance.

How can one find enough time? Others seem to have it – surely it must exist – doesn’t it?

The good news is that there are 24 hours in each day and those hours are available to each of us. The difference is planning.

Planning means identifying where you are, where you want to get to and how you will get there.

To get started on the journey:
• Organising – Write it down! Be absolutely clear about where you want to arrive; know where you are; identify what activity will deliver you to your destination
• Identify – Know what activities are most important and who is to perform that activity
• Activity – Begin. Start. Undertake the activity with enthusiasm and conviction
• Monitor – Track what the activity produces
• Evaluate – Is there a better way to perform the activity which will generate a better result?

Working to a clear plan with clearly articulated activities to produce a desired result will show you the path to having more time- time you can use to celebrate your achievements.

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