Newsletters have long been a popular marketing tool for businesses looking to showcase their services, products, and general news. And in the internet and social media age, this popularity not only remains but has increased as we own two things on the internet our email list and website.

So this week we are going to look at Newsletter tips so you can add them to your Marketing Plan in 2022.


The Marketing Planner – 2024 Edition

The Marketing Planner is designed to help you plan out and execute your marketing activities for the year. It is an intuitive tool that puts all of your marketing goals and strategies in one place and aligns all your marketing projects and tasks.

With planning sheets and how-to guides, you can start creating your own marketing and content plan—from setting goals and topics to easy-to-implement and actionable steps.

We start the planner with a Quarterly Overview so that you can set your focus each quarter and then break it down further into Monthly Goals. Each quarter and month have templates for you to fill out, helping you organise your strategy and refine your marketing messages. 

The Marketing Planner includes spaces for planning Monthly Goals, Lead Magnets, Blog Posts, Press Release, Social Media, Video, and Podcast Content, along with a Newsletter template to bring it all together.