Many people in business experience stress. Whether it’s dealing with customers or paying the bills or dealing with staff or any of a myriad of other things, stress can turn up.

Surprisingly perhaps, stress is not a given. Stress is something you can choose to not have.

Recently I have noticed a lot of marketing inviting people to ‘scale’ their business. And there has been a substantial number of people expressing a level of stress about how they might scale their business. And a number of people expressing stress about the current state of their business and its impact on their life and family life.

If you are experiencing stress due to the expectation of others – Stop!

Create your own path. Set your own objectives and do what is necessary to achieve them.

Choose to grow or not to grow. Choose to scale or not to scale your business. Choose the products or services you provide. Choose to enjoy your business – or not.

And having chosen – Make it work for ‘you’. Focus on the things which will make it work for ‘you’.
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