I have had a few questions recently about The Marketing Circle and I thought it might be time to share with you all what is inside The Marketing Circle, how it works and the power of the community and education available

Step by step, we will walk through the ins and outs of marketing, with tips, simple exercises and proven marketing strategies that you can roll out in your business.

We will explore all things marketing, from demystifying the marketing world to blogging, working with media, email marketing, social media, and more.

Designed to provide you with resources and real, easy-to-implement strategies, your membership is packed full of courses and how-to’s to help you succeed. And you’ll also have expertise readily at hand.

Marketing Circle Membership gets you access to:
Q&A Facebook Group
A dedicated Facebook Group where we will talk all things Marketing and network together

Monthly Q&A Calls
Each month you will get the chance to ask me your Marketing Questions in our Live Q&A Sessions

Monthly How to Webinars
In addition to the course material, we will dive a little further each month with a how to webinars.