When it comes to education marketing, bite-sized content is a powerful way to engage your audience and to have your message retained.

A recent study conducted by Microsoft Corporation found that the average human now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. A goldfish can focus for nine seconds. People are down to a mere eight seconds. So with our marketing message, bite-sized content is a winner.

  • Bite-sized content improves psychological engagement
  • Bite-sized chunks of content hack the limits of our working memory

Social media is the perfect place for bite-sized content. That means short videos, short-form content, graphics, and memes.

Let’s explore the power of bite-sized content and ways you can add some to your marketing plans.

Some bite-sized content ideas you can share are:

  • Your top tips in short bursts (videos, memes, audio)
  • Product how to’s and walkthroughs
  • Highlight blog or podcast episodes
  • As a way to promote larger campaigns, giveaways, online events, etc
  • Extra light bites to your audience, such as GIFs, meme

Bite-Sized Content Tools (we do use affiliate partner links where we have a relationship):

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Canva https://canva.7eqqol.net/ZGaRQ
Headliner https://make.headliner.app/referral/linda_F9Qt7U
Wordswag http://wordswag.co/
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