News makes news and often it is the news story of today that creates the news story for tonight or tomorrows news. While writing this week’s Media Prompt for Media Connections members, I went into detail on how to tie four of this week’s news stories into a Media Release, and I thought it was important to share it here too!
Tying your news into a current news story increases the chances of it being seen, simply because it is newsworthy. The key is to act quick, think like a newsroom and get your story out fast.
It has been an eventful week in the Media this week with some big breaking news stories; let’s take a look at the release opportunities that lie within four stories from the news that broke this week:
The Carbon Tax is gone but not without its debate you can tie a release into this topic in a number of ways:
a. How could the politicians have negotiated better?
b. Was there a better way for the tax debate to play out?
c. By sharing the story of those affected by the carbon tax removal.
d. Top tips for families on what to look for post carbon tax.
e. What does no carbon tax mean for business
f. What does the public need to know that the politicians maybe hiding?
The MH17 is a disaster that no one ever wanted to see happen but is a hot topic in the media and if you can comment or provide help now is the time to pitch or write a release.Supportive story lines are also needed for:
a. Assisting the families with grief.
b. Helping Children cope with the images they are seeing on the news.
c. Resources that loved ones can access, etc.
In the AFL, St Kilda showed what a positive mindset can do with a strong win over Fremantle. The win opens up an opportunities for you to tie your release into a much loved sport and a hot topic right now with ideas like:
a. Down but not out how you can learn from St Kilda and work your way up.
b. It is all in the mind
c. Come to play no matter who the opponent is. i.e.: a release around small business versus big, etc.
Ian Thorpe is gay, and while the story has been swallowed a little by other news, it raises some great topics for discussion:
a. Why do we care?
b. Why do we need to know?
c. What example has this set for future generations?
d. And does it change his achievements?
This is just four examples of how you can tie your story into the news this week, why not grab the paper and look for more. By making your release, topical you make it newsworthy.