During the weekend I was reminded about tomorrow. That is, the tomorrow that is now.

My weekend was spent presenting a workshop on Saturday and then Sunday was a family day taking in various activities including a visit to the theatre. As the days unfolded I recalled planning the events which were now happening.

Although the events were happening over Saturday and Sunday, the planning had occurred across previous months with much action taken to ensure the outcomes would be delivered. Each step being another building block in the eventual events.

The planning ensured the events occurred and involved the necessary ingredients. The bonus was that good planning allows for additional, unexpected bonuses. What does that mean? That means that when things are running smoothly there is opportunity to experience more. Really (apparently) simple things. As we entered the theatre, for example, conversation within the group included this being the first visit to a theatre by one member of the group. This conversation was overheard by theatre staff and as a result the novice received a special gift as a memento of the occasion.

A simple thing, but a simple thing creating lasting memories and moments of joy.

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