Generally when we get into running our own business we are pretty handy “on the tools” – doing the job.

Recently I noticed a lot of people in Small Business are concerned about losing their way, not understanding the admin and what makes the business actually run – run smoothly.

There is an answer!

From August 1 to 11, Business Business Business hosted the 2019 Small Business Skills Summit. And don’t worry, even if you missed the live event, online access and all the tools, handouts and presentations are still available online for the next three months.

The summit covers areas of business including:

• Content Creation with SEO Value
• Getting Great Leads to Come to You
• Facebook Ads Made Easy
• The Numbers you need to Know for Better Business Decisions
• The Evergreen Side of Social Media Marketing
• 9 Common and Costly Google Ads Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
• Making A Legal Map for Your Business
• The 10 Major Ingredients to a Sale; Copy that Converts
• Preparing Your Voice for Presenting
• Employment contracts and why you need them

The Small Business Skills Summit is available online which means you can see it at a time that suits you AND you get 90 days access – which means you can review each presentation and additional information at your leisure.

The link below will take you where you can get access for less than $200 – that’s less than $20 per session. Get on it!