This blog is a Thank You to my husband and all the partners out there who support us while we chase our dreams.
With the recent launch of Business Business Business I have seen that supportive look in my husband’s eye and that smile that warms me because it lets me know he is proud of what I am doing.
So Clive this one is for you!

Thank you for standing there with a smile on your face as I come up with an idea and want to chase it.
Thank you for holding me when I am too exhausted to speak.
Thank you for being you and calming me when the stress hits in.
Thank you for knowing when to say “no” and knowing when to let me go.
Thank you for letting me chase my dreams and see them come true.
Thank you for being a part of what I do,
Because without you, I could not do what I do!

To all the partners who support a vibrant dream chaser and creator like me:  we know we can be a hurricane at times and this is my thank you not just to my husband, but also to you.
And for those of you who don’t know Clive he is The Business Mentor and founder of The Coaching Circle supporting business owners to grow!