The last few weeks of Monday Morning Motivation we have focused on Activity.

Part of the Activity is Telling Your Story. This is the story that delivers all the information a prospect needs to hear in order to change from prospect to customer/client. Therefore, it needs to be told with enthusiasm and conviction.

This is the story that makes the difference between you and your competitors. It’s what allows the prospect to discover the ‘one’ they want to work with; the one they trust to deliver their outcome. What they discover is the person / business they feel comfortable handing their dollars to in return for a product or service, secure in the knowledge they have made the right decision.

Your story identifies where you sit within the marketplace and it’s what your prospect uses to define where you sit relative to their need.

If your story isn’t winning the client you want, then it’s time to examine your story in detail. Identify if it aligns with the client you want. And if it doesn’t, what needs to change? Are you focused on the wrong idea of a client? Or are you not telling the story well enough?

Your story should cover all the salient points your prospect wants to hear to satisfy themselves that they are in “the right place”.

Telling the right story and telling the right story well will deliver you the right client and will give you the opportunity to have the business you really want.

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