This morning I woke inspired to work on me and my own profile! Last night I realised I had fallen into the trap of most small business owners and had been promoting my clients and forgotten about me for some time.
I did a Google search on myself (which we do for clients all the time) to see where my profile was at and what needed to be updated and changed.
So what did I find?
Well you may have guessed I rediscovered my blog which used to me my outlet and saviour so I am happy to be back! But it needed work:

  1. The look was old and needed updating
  2. My Profile has changed in 12 months and there is more to what I do now
  3. I had new social media profiles to add

So I grabbed my self a coffee and started on my new look!
My new look as a business person then needed to be transferred to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN profiles as well as updating my bio and contact details.
There is still more to do:
My Media profile has not been updated for some time so I need to work on that and I have lots more writing to do but I am inspired and ready for new opportunities that will come my way from today!
So when was the last time YOU worked on you and YOUR Profile? Get started by:

  1. Googling Yourself
  2. Checking your profile images and Bio are up to date
  3. Are there people you need to connect with or invite to your profiles
  4. Be happy with you and the message out there about you.

Have a great day and remember to take some much needed time on you and new opportunities.