Whether you envisaged it or not when you first started in business, any business owner is the captain at the helm of a ship. In this role you are not only responsible for your own financial welfare but the livelihood of others, their job satisfaction and the course that your boat will navigate to reach the sunny shores of success. For some this leadership comes easily, for others the waters are murky and unfamiliar, but great leadership can be the difference between a rough and arduous voyage and smooth sailing in the business world. Here are three keys to great leadership, and how a business coach can help you attain them.

The destination

If you don’t know the destination, then how do you set sail? With an outsider’s insight a coach can help you chart your course, noting the destinations you need to visit along the way. Like any journey on the high seas, business is about knowing where you want to go and how to get there. But it’s also about taking precautionary measures and altering course when the weather gets rough or you no longer have the wind at your back.

Leadership style

Every captain has a method to galvanise their crew and every leader a leadership style, but often it’s hard to hold up the mirror and ascertain exactly what that is. Ultimately the best leaders are self aware; they know when to encourage, when to challenge, when to reward and when to course-correct. Every leader should evaluate their techniques to ascertain what works and what does not to ensure they are leading with strength and respect. A coach or mentor can help you find your leadership style and implement methods to get the best out of yourself and your team.

Know your team

Behind every great leader is an equally excellent team. Harmonious and successful workplaces see each member of that team playing to their strengths. As the owner of the business you should know how each member of your crew works, and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Staff should be trained in their roles, given the right tools to do their job and provided with feedback. This includes providing clear job descriptions and recognizing team members who do their job well. Ultimately great leaders are masters at the “art of people” knowing how to direct and maneuvre their crew, and the direction in which to take them. If you would like assistance in honing your leadership skills and steering your business ship towards success, book a call and let’s chat.

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