Often we create big plans which will take a considerable journey in time to reach the conclusion. Sometimes it’s difficult staying on track.

Here we are at the end of a quarter, with one more go to finish the calendar year and three more to go to finish the financial year.

What should we be focused on now? Are we focused on finishing the calendar year so that we can enjoy break over the Christmas period, or are we staying true to our goal and we’re focused on the end of the financial year?

Sometimes we have trouble staying focused because of events outside of our control.

Maybe a footy team won or lost on the weekend. Sometimes we are so committed to our footy team that it seems like the world rises and falls on their performance. For most of us of course what happens with the footy team is outside of our control, which reminds us that we should take care of those things that we can control.

In terms of achieving our goals and objectives that means that we can control the activity but not the outcome.

In focusing on the activity, we need to keep our goal in mind. And if that goal is big and will take a longer term, have we broken it down into smaller achievements? In achieving those smaller objectives, we are moving inexorably nearer to our greater goal.

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